Youth Ministry

Middle School – Grades 6-8


High School – Grades 9-12


Core Team


Upcoming Events

Youth Ministry Summer Series - Sports Night

Join us every Tuesday for Youth Ministry Summer Series from 6:30pm-8:30pm for youth sports night.

Youth Ministry Summer Series - Movie/Game Night

Join us every Thursday for Youth Ministry Summer Series from 6:30pm-8:30pm for Movie/Game night.


A movement amongst the church for all youth to encounter the Lord in His Church and becoming lifelong disciples.

“If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze!” -St. Catherine Sienna

Basic Needs

No greater need is there for youth to live out their vocations of holiness than now, they are not the future of the church but the NOW of the church. Even more so do we as a parish and ministry must reach out to their BASIC NEEDS:

  1. The need to be heard/understood
  2. The need to belong
  3. The need to be transparent/authentic
  4. The need to critical think about the faith
  5. The need for guidance by adults

This ministry is still in its infancy and I am letting the Holy Spirit guide this ministry, and because of that openness the ministry may change over the year of how we do things. However, the need for help will always be constant. Please scroll down and pray about what ways the Lord is calling you to help in this ministry.


Team Bl. Carlo Acutis:

  • Core member: Called to mentor the teens in their faith, life, and prayer.
  • Music ministry: Called to lead prayer in praise & worship.
  • Speakers: Called to give talks about the faith or testimonies/witness of how the faith impacted your life.
  • Retreat Chaperones: Called to help teens encounter the Lord in an intimate way on retreats!

Team Sts. Anne & Joachim

  • Core assistants: Called to help behind the scenes: setting up, cleaning up, etc. Helping the nights run smoothly for the core members.
  • Food preps: Called to host a night by providing food for the teens.
  • Retreat assistants: Called to help behind the scenes for retreats to run smoothly.

Team St. John Bosco:

  • Holy hour team: Called to offer holy hours for teens and team members.
  • Letter team: Called to send letters to teens for encouragement.