Sacrament Prep: Middle & High School

Sacrament Prep program: It is a 2-year program of teens understanding, engaging, and dialoging about the Catholic Faith & Tradition.

Year 1: Foundation of Scripture & Tradition.
Year 2: Foundation of Sacrament & Integration into the Catholic community.

The purpose of Year 1 is a deep dive into ancient truths & traditions of our faith that answers questions to the ever-changing world that the teens experience. The purpose is for teens to be able to rely on scripture and tradition as they are building their lives like ‘a house built on rock’ (Mt 7:24).

The purpose of Year 2 is cultivating an environment for teens to grow with others within their parish community. The Christian life is never alone and knowing to search for a parish community anywhere or anytime in their lives. Most importantly that the sacrament, the visible sign of God’s invisible grace, is the beating heart for the Christian soul.

Down below is the registration link, please complete. When completed Erik Ochoa will reach out to set up an introductory meeting with you (the parents/guardians).

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