Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist the presider during the celebration of Mass.

Some of their active participation includes lighting candles, carrying the crucifix during the processional and recessional, presenting the Sacramentary to the presider for opening and closing prayers, receiving with the presider gifts brought up from the congregation, and assisting during Liturgy of The Eucharist.

Altar servers must be in 4th grade or older, and have received the sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Three Categories of Altar Servers

  • Weekend Masses - This category of server is open to all boys and girls whose family is registered at St Gabriel’s and who is at least 9 years old and is in at least the 4th grade.

  • Daily Masses - This category is identical to the weekend alter servers but also include adults who are available for daily mass Monday - Thursday 8:30 am

  • Friday Annunciation School Students’ Mass – This category of altar server is open to any boy or girl attending Annunciation Catholic School and who is at least 9 years old, and is in at least the 4th grade.

Altar servers are also scheduled monthly together with the EM’s and lectors. Please contact Ann Gruener at for more information.

All volunteers must complete the Safe Environment Training (SET) requirements through the Diocese. For more information on these requirements, please contact Deb Vinci at or in the parish office at 480-595-0883.