REACH is a space for adults to encounter Jesus in a meaningful way through prayer, study and fellowship. We offer a variety of classes and Bible studies to choose from, each one focused on growing in discipleship.

The Latin word for “the stars” (Sidera) also happens the root of Desire. In a certain sense, the stars can serve as symbols for what is beautiful, mysterious and ultimately desirable about the universe--and yet utterly unattainable on our own steam. In a similar way, our natural longing (or desire) for God, whether we are aware of it or not, can only be satisfied from outside of nature--that is to say, supernaturally.

No matter how we attempt to quell the interior storms with the balm of the world, ultimately only disappointment and frustration will result. Rather, it is only when we encounter Jesus that our lives begin to make sense; to take on new meaning. It is then that we start to discover a happiness never previously known.

So, let us REACH for the stars! See below for the different types of our “REACH” programs.

Crux Bible Study Program

Stories are an important part of our day-to-day lives. We lose ourselves in their pages, we read them to our children, and watch them unfold before us on stage and screen. They help to reveal us to ourselves and often inspire lasting change. Even the structure of stories resonates with us, in large measure because they mirror the very structure of our lives: from the highest peaks to the deepest depths, the hero undergoes a journey that she hopes will end in success.



For many Catholic adults today, life is hectic, noisy and often filled with too many distractions. For most of us, it has likely been decades since we last had an opportunity to study our Catholic faith in any formal way. In an effort to address this need, St. Gabriel the Archangel has launched STAGE-3, a new apostolate intended to provide ongoing catechetical formation for busy adults.