Sacristans & Mass Captain Volunteer

These sacristans must be EM’s because they are taking care of the altar linen prior to sending it out for laundering and also because they clean vessels or items that have contained one of the sacred species or sacred holy oils. They also change any soiled altar linens, check the supply of wine and hosts, and perform a general duties such as cleaning the ambry, checking the supply of candles, cleaning any items used in a liturgical celebration such as the monstrance, the censer, the candle stick holders, etc. Training is provided on an as needed basis.

If you are interested in serving in this ministry please contact St. Gabriel’s office, telephone 480-595-0883 or e-mail [email protected]

All volunteers must complete the Safe Environment Training (SET) requirements through the Diocese.  For more information on these requirements, please contact Deb Vinci at [email protected] or in the parish office at 480-595-0883.