Children's Formation - Growing in Faith Together


Our children in first through fifth grades are invited to experience the Gospel message through proclamation of the Word and faith sharing experiences in the classroom setting.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, all in-person instruction has been suspended by Bishop Olmsted until further notice.  During this time when we are unable to meet in person, please use the following link for more information on remote learning:  PLEASE CLICK HERE


Remote Learning and Home Lessons

Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) has made their program materials available to you digitally during this time.  Please use the information below to access your child's workbook and complete the assigned lesson plans with them.  You will follow several links to access the full workbook chapters, the interactive review, and the home lesson guide.  Please download the home lesson guide and work on the chapters with your children. 

OSV does not allow the workbook chapters to be downloaded or printed, so please have your child work on a separate piece of paper.  In the "Student & Family" tab, OSV has also provided other resources for each grade level: games, people of faith activities, and music resources as well as adult learning resources.

How to Complete Lessons:

​1)  Download the "Alive in Christ" digital book instructions document.

2)  Please visit the “Home Lessons” link and download the home lesson for the assigned chapter—this will be your guide.

3)  Copy the access code for your child's grade level, click the link for their grade level, and go to the assigned chapter. 

4)  Click the "Interactive Review" link, select the assigned chapter, and have your child complete the review.

How to Submit Progress:

1)  Workbook Lessons - please complete the "Interactive Review" with your child after each lesson and take a screenshot of the completion screen.

2)  Crafts/Activities - please take a picture or write a brief description.

3)  Email your child's progress and attachments to [email protected]

Religious Education at St. Gabriel the Archangel:

  • Brings the Catholic Faith alive through dynamic lessons, activities, and media
  • Follows the Liturgical Cycle and is driven by Sacred Scripture and Tradition
  • Is faithful to the teaching of the Magisterium and references the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Provides adult formation and lessons that enable “parents to be the primary educators of their children in the Faith.”

To do this we use multiple sources of Catholic wisdom and experience:

  • SCRIPTURE, which is integrated into the "Alive in Christ" series and is used for instruction, reflection, sharing and prayer.
  • DOCTRINE is used to help students, catechists and families appreciate the Church’s teachings as they are applied to our daily lives.
  • FEASTS and SEASONS of the Church are celebrated with music, prayer and ritual actions that draw children into the liturgical life of the Church.

We are using the Loyola Press "God Loves Us" program for kindergarten. This delightful program recognizes that young children have a particular readiness to learn about God. Integrating Scripture and doctrine in each lesson, the materials and catechists relate the richness of our Catholic faith to the child’s everyday life.

Grades 1-3

For children in the Sacrament preparation years, grades 1-3, we use "Alive in Christ" by Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Co, to provide a solid foundation of Scripture and Tradition, a rich diversity of prayer, and a sequence of activities that are developmentally appropriate.

  • CUSTOMS and CELEBRATIONS are included into the core curriculum to make the Call to Faith program our own.
  • CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING is directly addressed in the “Faith in Action” section of each lesson. Age appropriate lessons correlate the scripture and doctrine with key Catholic Social Teaching themes.

Children preparing for sacraments have additional preparation materials for completion at home. For sacrament information click here. Sacraments preparation Information

Grade 4 - 5

Because the majority of children in Grades 4 & 5 have recently celebrated Confirmation and First Communion, we present their Faith Formation in terms of becoming more committed disciples. This is done using a variety of Bible-based activities (games, quizzes, skits, and other fun) along with the "Be My Disciples" by RCL Benziger. Children in these grades use a variety of methods to enhance their Faith Formation. From Old and New Testament stories we dive into alternative forms of learning that make going deeper into our Faith effective and fun. We use on-screen Catholic Quiz Shows, interactive PowerPoint lessons, and action-based learning activities, and more to bring God’s Word to life, then we take it deeper and explore how what they have learned can be an integral part of their daily lives. There is always something new and exciting in each lesson. The focus in the fall is generally stories from the Old Testament; winter and spring focuses more on New Testament and Church.

Registration will be available in fall 2020 for the 2020-21 program year for Sacraments and Religious Education Formation.

For more information, call the office at 480-595-0883 or email our Formation Director : [email protected]