Reflections from Fr. John


As I sit here in my office sweating, I want you to know that this particular Church and office building has many air conditioning problems that keep on popping up. It seems as though they have been using the band-aid approach to fixing things. I don’t know how much longer that can be used. There may be a time in the near future when we will have to think about replacing units that are located on the roof.

 Since I arrived the Sacristy has felt like a meat locker and the offices are more like saunas. It seems as though, the air conditioning to the offices have been turned up on the week-ends which is not good for the computers. It has been unbearable trying to get any work done in my office on the weekends. So, finally after much conversation, things are working better. The sacristy is almost normal now, one does not have to hang meat in it and the offices are finally receiving some air so that we can get our work done. Please keep your fingers crossed that this will be the new norm for awhile. Well, the new norm failed on the weekend for the offices, they are once again saunas.

 As you may or may not have noticed we lost of couple of trees in the parking lot by the office/Church complex over the weekend of July 29th. On Monday morning, I was outside with Juan cutting down the one tree in the median, so that cars would be able to park. The other tree was by the sidewalk leading up to the back door entry to the office building. The large tree over ty the Chapel was damaged from the wind and a big portion of the top of the tree split off.

 One never knows from the monsoons as to whether you’re going to have damage or not. You always hope for the best and deal with whatever comes next.

Until next time...Fr. John