New Testament Bible Study



"Our ultimate goal is to come to a fuller appreciation and understanding of these books that have made such an enormous impact on the history of Western civilization and that continue to play such an important role for people today," says Dr. Ehrman.



2:00-4:00 pm or 6:30-8:30 pm

Meeting Room 2, begins January 10, 2018

In these video lectures Professor Bart D. Ehrman develops  a carefully reasoned understanding of the New Testament—and the individuals and communities who created its texts.

The course as a historical introduction to the books of the New Testament, to allow you to understand their content, meaning, and historical accuracy. The course will address such significant questions as:

  • Who wrote these books, under what circumstances, and for what audience?
  • What do the books of the New Testament say, what do they mean, and how historically accurate are they?
  • How can we can come to more fully appreciate and understand them?

Feel free to attend either session any week. There is no cost for the 12 week course. An optional course book is available for $12. Starts Wednesday, January 10 and concludes mid-April.

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