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Girl's might just want to have fun, but Adults want to communicate (don't they?)

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 8/16/17

One of the big factors in preparing lessons for adults is that there MUST be time for the participants to communicate. When adults don't get a chance to express their thoughts and feelings the probability of retention goes way down.That is why we have a schedule of programs designed ... Read More »

Power of Prayer

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 7/26/17

It seems rather easy to dismiss the awesome power of prayer in daily life, but seeing it work really makes an impact.

Let me confess that I sometimes do not pray as much as I should. I believe in the Jesuit ideal of "pray always." Still, I don't find ... Read More »

Finding Faith--at an amusement park?

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 6/07/17

Recently, while on the St. Gabriel Universal Studios Hollywood trip, I had a big awakening

Despite the rather large number of “OMG’s” heard on the various thrill rides, the amusement park is not a place one generally thinks of encountering Christ, or even a twinge of thoughts of their ... Read More »

Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 5/15/17

This year's Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday we welcomed 7 persons into the Church through Baptism, and 6 through completion of the Sacraments of Initiation. RCIA is a process whereby those who are unbaptized or are baptized but uncatechized are brought into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. ... Read More »