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All Hallow's Eve

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 10/19/17

Halloween as we know it developed over time as marvelous mix of ancient Celtic practices, old Roman rituals and festivals, European folk traditions, and Catholic religious practices.

 The ancient Celts would ward off any wandering ghost with bonfires and carved vegetable lanterns. If they had grievously harmed someone in ... Read More »

I'm So Excited!

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 9/07/17

I am so excited for this catechetical year. Why? We have so much going on.

1. Symbolon, First Friday Adult Faith Formation. The Symbolon program was created to help Catholics understand the faith they profess in a deeper, more profound way. In ten video/discussion/prayer sessions, Symbolon takes us through ... Read More »

Girl's might just want to have fun, but Adults want to communicate (don't they?)

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 8/16/17

One of the big factors in preparing lessons for adults is that there MUST be time for the participants to communicate. When adults don't get a chance to express their thoughts and feelings the probability of retention goes way down.That is why we have a schedule of programs designed ... Read More »

Power of Prayer

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 7/26/17

It seems rather easy to dismiss the awesome power of prayer in daily life, but seeing it work really makes an impact.

Let me confess that I sometimes do not pray as much as I should. I believe in the Jesuit ideal of "pray always." Still, I don't find ... Read More »

Finding Faith--at an amusement park?

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 6/07/17

Recently, while on the St. Gabriel Universal Studios Hollywood trip, I had a big awakening

Despite the rather large number of “OMG’s” heard on the various thrill rides, the amusement park is not a place one generally thinks of encountering Christ, or even a twinge of thoughts of their ... Read More »

Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 5/15/17

This year's Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday we welcomed 7 persons into the Church through Baptism, and 6 through completion of the Sacraments of Initiation. RCIA is a process whereby those who are unbaptized or are baptized but uncatechized are brought into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. ... Read More »