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Have Summer Fun with Traveling Pope Francis

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 5/10/18

Many of you are familiar with “Flat Stanley,” a paper friend you take places and take pictures with him. Traveling Pope Francis is the same principle.

Buy a traveling Pope Francis for $1.50 from the formation office or the main office. Your Pope Francis will have a number on ... Read More »

"so as to live in the freedom of God's children"

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 2/21/18

Wow! What a great start for Lent this year with our mission speaker, Fr. J. Patrick Foley. While I personally enjoyed every night of the mission, Monday and Thursday were most profound for me. As he took us through the very prayerful examination of conscience, I found that issues ... Read More »

Making this Lent really mean something

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 2/01/18

We all know about the Lenten season: Start by getting ashes, give up something, fast on Fridays, maybe go to the Stations of the Cross, then finally go to a crowded Mass on Easter Sunday. NOT!

Lent is our time to re-examine our own faith journey. It is time ... Read More »

It is NOT all about me, it's about HE!

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 12/18/17

Seven nights before Christmas and all through the house, I’ve been hustling and bustling like a puffy-cheeked little mouse. Haven’t we all felt that way at this time of year? So much to do, and so little time left to do it. Where did Advent go?

Even when I ... Read More »

Advent--the most stressful season of all?

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 11/29/17

Advent, the four weeks prior to Christmas, should be a time of preparing ourselves to meet our Lord and King, Jesus the Christ. Instead, for many of us, it is a time of shopping, concerts, tournaments, decorating, parties, commitments, and maximum stress on individuals and families.

How do we ... Read More »

Baskets, and movies, and Thanksgiving! Oh, my!

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 11/09/17


The hustle and bustle one usually associates with the Christmas holidays has already started, and it is not even December!

Baskets: The Formation Office is filled with wonderful baskets of goods for Annunciation Catholic School’s Evening Under the Stars. Wow! Baskets range in value, but each and every ... Read More »

Building the Kingdom

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 10/25/17

Our Building the Kingdom Fall Festival was a really fun parish event. There were so many gathered, it tickled the cockles of my little heart. You know what Deacon Bill says, “The parish that plays together, prays together.” It really was a night of the parish as spiritual family. ... Read More »

All Hallow's Eve

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 10/19/17

Halloween as we know it developed over time as marvelous mix of ancient Celtic practices, old Roman rituals and festivals, European folk traditions, and Catholic religious practices.

 The ancient Celts would ward off any wandering ghost with bonfires and carved vegetable lanterns. If they had grievously harmed someone in ... Read More »

I'm So Excited!

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 9/07/17

I am so excited for this catechetical year. Why? We have so much going on.

1. Symbolon, First Friday Adult Faith Formation. The Symbolon program was created to help Catholics understand the faith they profess in a deeper, more profound way. In ten video/discussion/prayer sessions, Symbolon takes us through ... Read More »

Girl's might just want to have fun, but Adults want to communicate (don't they?)

Posted by Roxanna Clower on 8/16/17

One of the big factors in preparing lessons for adults is that there MUST be time for the participants to communicate. When adults don't get a chance to express their thoughts and feelings the probability of retention goes way down.That is why we have a schedule of programs designed ... Read More »