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First Reconciliation

Reconciliation is also called the Sacrament of Penance, or Confession. Reconciliation is one of two sacraments of healing (the other is Anointing of the Sick). The normative time for First Reconciliation is second grade. However, if a child is older than this, but baptized Catholic, the child can still be prepared for reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. (We generally do this in the fall; contact the formation office for more information.)
Preparation is done at formal sessions, one Sunday per month for six to seven months. See the GIFT calendar for designated Sacrament Preparation dates.
As part of the child’s preparation, the parents will be given written materials to assist them in sharing with their child, reading to them, preparing with them, and praying with them. During the preparation, the following will be emphasized:

  • The difference between right and wrong
  • Understand that accidents or mistakes are not sins
  • We sin when we deliberately choose to do what is wrong and turn away from God.
  • God is loving and merciful.
  • God will always forgive us if we ask.
  • Jesus has given us the sacrament of Reconciliation through which our sins are forgiven and we receive the grace to live as God's children.
  • We must be willing to forgive others, just as God forgives us.

A special retreat for parents is offered in the fall. This retreat gives the parents an adult understanding of the theology of the sacrament, and prepares them to better answer the questions their child may have. It is one of the most popular retreats we offer at the parish, and is highly recommend by parents who have attended, and the formation office.

Diocesan Reconciliation Policy is available here