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St. Gabriel the Archangel
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The message of today’s gospel is as valid to us today as it was to the first generation of Christians. Our world today is very similar to first century Palestine. Christ and God have opponents as well as followers. Their opponents have the very same reasons that moved the Pharisees in Christ's day. They want their kingdom here on earth, a kingdom of pleasure and plenty. They want no limits set to their freedom. Their pride in their own self-exalted dignity won’t let them bow their heads to any authority that does not conform to their standards. They keep on trying to convince themselves that Christianity isn’t true, that Christ will not reign, that there will be no day of reckoning.

With all their efforts to get rid of Christ and God, the small inner voice of conscience can’t be silenced. It has the habit of reminding them of their foolishness. They have their troubled moments when the motto "eat, drink and be merry" doesn’t ring completely true.

For the followers of Christ who are sincere in their efforts, the parable has a message of support. At times the road we have to travel seems filled with obstacles, yet God has provided each of us with the necessary helps to pledge the final victory. These helps are given according to our needs. Those servants in the parable who received five and two talents used them faithfully and effectively. The one who received one talent needed only one, and could have succeeded with it had he been a faithful servant.

Eternal happiness is the divine return for an earthly service faithfully rendered. The false excuse of the third servant is repeated in many forms today. We think God is too strict, he couldn’t expect me to make sacrifices. I have to provide for myself after all, his promises and threats may be only empty words. We’ll have plenty of time to settle accounts. These and all other such excuses are proved false in today’s parable.

God is a kind Father who has our eternal interests at heart; He does expect us to make sacrifices. He showed us the true way on the cross at Calvary. When working for God we are really providing for our own future; his external glory and our eternal salvation are the fruits of the same work.

He will return to settle accounts. At that point, it will be too late to make any changes. Let’s be wise and make the changes now while we have time and then our books will be in order on the day of reckoning. The time is now to be good stewards of God’s great gifts of time, talent and treasure. Remember the “S” in P.A.R.I.S.H. S = “share the best of your time talent and treasure…”