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A deacon, who shall we say was "humor impaired", attended a conference to help encourage and better equip deacons for their ministry.

Among the speakers were many well-known and dynamic speakers. One such boldly approached the pulpit and, gathering the entire crowd's attention, said, "The best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman that wasn't my wife!" The crowd was shocked! He followed up by saying, "that woman was my mother!" ~ The crowd burst into laughter and delivered the rest of his talk, which went over quite well.

The next week, the deacon decided he'd give this humor thing a try, and use that joke in his sermon. As he approached the pulpit that next Sunday, he tried to rehearse the joke in his head. It suddenly seemed a bit foggy to him.

Getting to the microphone he said loudly, "The greatest years of my life were spent in the arms of another woman that was not my wife!" The congregation inhaled half the air in the room. After standing there for almost 10 seconds in the stunned silence, trying to recall the second half of the joke, the deacon finally blurted out "...and I can't remember who she was!"

St. Vincent de Paul’s name is synonymous with help for the poor, partly because of the good work done by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, founded in 1833 by Frederic Ozanam. The saint himself lived almost two centuries earlier. As a young priest he was captured by pirates and sold into slavery in Tunisia. When he returned to Paris, he was chaplain to an aristocratic family, a pastor, and chaplain to imprisoned galley slaves.

He met St. Frances de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal and served as spiritual director to the Visitation Community. In 1625, he founded the Congregation of the Mission, the “Vincentians,” and helped St. Louise de Marillac organize the Daughters of Charity. The mission of all these religious communities was the relief of the poor and sick. “Do the good that presents itself to be done,” Vincent encouraged his brother priests. “I do not say we should go out indiscriminately and take on everything, but rather those things God lets us know He wants of us. We belong to Him and not to ourselves. If He increases our work, He adds to our strength.”

It’s good advice for us all as well! Our own parish St. Vincent de Paul Society is in need of more members/workers. Please consider joining our parish’s St. Vincent de Paul Society either as a member or as a supporter in prayer or by a financial contribution. The work they do in our name is the work of Jesus Christ.

Ever think of a January cruise in the Caribbean? Join Fr. Dennis departing Phoenix in January, 2017 ~ that’s coming up fast ~ for a 7-day cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines. Plan ahead. This trip has space available at a low price, but once the departure date gets closer, the price will change… Pick up information in the parish office. See Fr. Dennis for more information.