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St. Gabriel the Archangel
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It is a fact that we all came into this world, at birth, with nothing. No pockets or handbags to carry our stuff. All that we have from birth to death has been a gift from God. It is also face that when we leave this earth, we will take nothing with us. There are no pockets or handbags with our spiritual, eternal life.

Stewardship is how we manage what God has given us in this life. Stewardship isn’t a choice that we make. As recipients of God’s gifts, we become stewards. The choice that we have is to choose to be good stewards or bad stewards. What is your choice? If we choose to be a good steward, we will realize that all we have comes from God. We will manage our gifts whatever they are as Jesus taught. As a result, we move from being good stewards to being good Christian stewards. Stewardship will become a way of life rather than an uncomfortable subject to listen to or talk about.

If we choose to do nothing about God’s gifts, or if we choose to consider them as our own property, we will be unfaithful stewards. Our God will become our material possessions and we may discover a life that reflects greed and self-centeredness. Choose today!

In the next weeks each of us will be asked to consider prayerfully how we will assist Bishop Olmsted with the regular outreach ministries of the Diocese of Phoenix. The CDA is the one diocesan-wide campaign that asks every Catholic family to contribute and support more than 70 agencies, offices, and ministries that counsel, feed, clothe, house, educate, and comfort those in need throughout the four counties of our diocese. It provides training for seminarians, deacons, catechetical, liturgical, and youth ministers. The CDA serves the needs of the diocese well beyond what any parish could do individually. As a result, more people are served across the community as well as in each parish. Please be as generous as your means will allow. Remember, pledging allows your contribution to be paid over an extended period of time.

Last year, our parishioners contributed over $88,000 to the CDA. This year, our goal is $80,000. The challenge we have is to increase the number of givers, and hopefully increase the gifts as well. Remember, too, you can contribute a little more by pledging. This allows a larger contribution to be paid in smaller amounts over an extended period of time. That’s what I do. Please consider what you will offer in thanksgiving for God’s generosity to you, in support of this worthy appeal.