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Youth Ministries

TGIF for High School


TGIF for High School consists of Catechetical and Social events.  Catechetical cover the teachings of the Church, Scripture, Tradition, etc.  Social events are times of fun, games and commrodary. 

The CYM (Coordinator of Youth Ministry) and team of volunteers (Core Team) come to each night to not only teach and lead small groups but to also help in relational ministry and be a leading example of Christ.

  • TGIF for High School meets SCHEDULED Sundays after the 10:30 am Mass

If you would like to attend LifeTeen and are in grades 9-12, please contact our CYM Kat at or 480-595-0883 x120....

Junior High Alive

TGIF for Junior High is youth ministry for 7th and 8th grade.

  • TGIF for Junior High meets SCHEDULED Mondays from 6:00-7:30pm.

To register, call or e-mail Kat, the CYM: 480-595-0883x120 or


Core Team

Have you ever wondered, or just assumed, what a core member does for Youth Ministry? Well please read on and see what a core member TRULY is…

I do not consider a core member similar to any other church event volunteer (as amazing and needed as all other volunteers are).  I see the core team as people willing to “go into the deep” just as Christ asks us to do in Luke 5:1-10.  We go into unchartered waters we are not used to doing!  Youth Ministry is not just a simple one night a week event but something extreme and fun with youth who look up to you as a role model and are excited to have you in their lives.  The youth are coming here to LifeTeen & JHA in order learn about God and their faith, and mostly to answer the core question they all have, “What is the purpose of my life? Why am I here?”  The Core team and their different personalities are so essential and important, (I think more important than myself as the youth minister) because they are with the youth the majority of the time such as small group, games and free time.

Also Core Team doesn’t just serve, but we become a team and learn to rely on each other for prayer and fellowship, no matter the age.  Assisting with youth ministry helps the core grow deeper in faith, knowledge of why we believe what we believe and most important, it frees us of our selfishness because we are constantly giving.  Starting out as a core member, we learn how to focus more on others than yourself.  We may NEVER realized how we were actually in bondage by wanting to know “what do I get out of this?” until you join the team and help in anyway.

If you are willing to find more information about helping on core team by serving at LifeTeen or JHA nights please contact me, Kat, and I will give you some more details. I’d love to find a good fit for you on our team! call or email: 480-595-0883 x30 or