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St. Gabriel the Archangel
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Elementary Faith Formation

GIFT: Growing in Faith Together Children’s Christian Formation Sessions
GIFT provides children in pre-school through fifth grades a time to experience the Gospel message through proclamation of the Word and faith sharing experiences in a supportive grade-level setting. We use Faith First formation program by RCL Benziger to provide a solid foundation spiral curriculum of Scripture and Tradition, a rich diversity of prayer, and a sequence of activities that are developmentally appropriate. Every year, on every elementary grade level, doctrinal lessons on all four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church deepen age-appropriate understanding. Pre-school and kindergarten focus on God’s love for them, how God’s love is expressed through family and friends, and how we can show God’s love.

The following catechetical principles shape our program:

  • Conversion is the heart of all catechetical efforts; we strive to form disciples who want to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.
  • Belief in the importance of life-long catechesis is promoted through interesting and inspiring stories of faith and including information for parents.
  • Recognition of the call to all the Baptized to hand on faith is reflected in the large number of volunteers and the efforts for education for parents.

To do this, we use multiple sources of Catholic wisdom and experience:

  • SCRIPTURE, which is integrated into the Faith First series and used for instruction, reflection, sharing, and prayer.
  • DOCTRINE is used to help students, catechists and families appreciate the Church’s teachings as they are applied to our daily lives.
  • FEASTS and SEASONS of the Church are celebrated with music, prayer and ritual actions that draw children into the liturgical life of the Church.
  • CUSTOMS and CELEBRATIONS are included into the core curriculum to make the Faith First program our own.
  • CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING is addressed in age appropriate lessons that correlate the scripture and doctrine with key Catholic Social Teaching themes.

Children preparing for sacraments participate in a program of preparation which meets once per month, on a Sunday afternoon from 1:00 to 2:30. St. Gabriel Parish enables the parents to be partners in preparation, by inviting them to join us at each session, and participate in their children’s preparation by reviewing activities and lessons at home. We provide high quality resources, support, and activities. Additionally, the parish provides sacrament retreats for both parents and children.  For sacrament information click here.

Augmenting our formation program are:

  • Children's Liturgy of the Word Sundays at the 8:30 a.m. Mass
  • Vacation Bible School  which meets one week each June
  • Fun at Church Days—where children can spend a day doing theme related activities on the Parish campus. These are held periodically, and announced in the bulletin and at the formation sessions. 

Volunteers are always needed and welcomed. If you are called to serve in this critical ministry, please contact the formation office to learn more.

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